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crop-livestock system

March 1, 2017Knowledge Portal
Capitalizing on the livestock revolution; ILRI corporate report 2015–2016

This report by ILRI provides examples of putting science into practice, facilitating evidence-based decision-making and developing the capacities of livestock. The report has five chapters of interlinked areas: livestock genetics and breeding; livestock feeds and forages; livestock and human health; policies, value chains and livelihoods; and sustainable livestock systems. »

February 25, 2017Knowledge Portal
Prioritizing climate-smart livestock technologies in rural Tanzania: A minimum data approach

This article elaborates on the possibilities of climate-smart livestock technologies in rural Tanzania. Crop-livestock production systems play an important role in the livelihoods of many rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) but are vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change. Understanding which farming options will give the highest return on investment in light of climate change is critical information for decision-making. »

February 1, 2017Knowledge Portal
Interactions between intervention packages, climatic risk, climate change and food security in mixed crop–livestock systems in Burkina Faso

This article in the Agricultural Systems journal test the impact of climate change on mixed crop-livestock systems. It presents a study that test the impacts of different interventions in two contrasting mixed farms in Northern Burkina Faso against the background of plausible current and future climate scenarios. Smallholder crop–livestock farming systems have an important role to play for food security in Sub-Saharan Africa, but they have to cope with the effects of climate variability and change. »

September 20, 2016Knowledge Portal
Gender-based constraints and opportunities to agricultural intensification in Ethiopia

This literature review provides a holistic perspective of the stock and interaction between the capitals required by men and women farmers for effective engagement in agricultural intensification in Ethiopia. Although land reform has enhanced women’s access to land, participation in decision-making and asset control are yet to be achieved. »

January 11, 2016Knowledge Portal
Sustainable livestock production? Industrial agriculture versus pastoralism

In this policy brief the authors urge that not all forms of livestock production are wasteful and energy-intensive. People who herd animals or combine livestock keeping and cropping at a smaller scale – called pastoralists or agro-pastoralists – can sustainably produce meat, milk, and other animal products. »

December 6, 2015Knowledge Portal
Perceptions and practices of farmers on the utilization of sweetpotato, and other root tubers, and banana for pig feeding in smallholder crop-livestock systems in Uganda

This study highlights the major practices and strategies deployed by pig farmers in response to feeding constraints in Uganda. While there is potential for the use of sweet potato and other root tubers as pig feed in the smallholder pig farming systems, their use is limited due to the lack of knowledge. »