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Diffusion of promising plantain varieties in Benin

ARF-3-2a Benin Plantain
Image: via Flickr (by: Dennis Candy)

Duration: 01 August 2017 to 31 July 2020

Project information

Aim: Among cultivated plants, banana and plantain are the rare species identified to benefit from global warming because both productivity and suitable lands are expected to increase. Initiatives around plantain are very rare in Benin. The aim of this project “Strategic diffusion and marketing of promising varieties of plantain in Benin Republic” is to promote plantain/banana production and processing to ensure food security and generate income to practitioners.

Objectives: General objective is to ensure intensive production and better marketing of promising varieties of plantain/banana in southern Benin. Specific objectives are:

  1. Create a pool of knowledge, necessary to guarantee a successful and rapid diffusion of the best productive varieties of plantain;
  2. Set up a mechanism that ensures the successful diffusion of the most promising varieties of plantain in southern region of Benin;
  3. Design appropriate practices to produce clean planting material suitable for intensive production of plantain varieties in southern Benin;
  4. Develop new markets of plantain-derived products at national and regional levels to guarantee better profitability to women processors and traders.

Method: This project will bring together actors from various knowledge backgrounds including practitioners, as well as scientists. They will select promising plantain varieties and produce healthy planting material; design a mechanism for strategic dissemination of materials; develop appropriate processing technologies to deliver plantain-derived products that meet the requirements of national and international markets; and explore markets for new plantain-derived products.

Country: Benin Republic.

Dutch policy goals: Promoting inclusive and sustainable growth in the agricultural sector.



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