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Innovations for Sustainable and Profitable Intensification of smallholder Dairy in Kenya (ISPID)

ARF-2.3 ISPID Kenya

Project description

Aim: Intensification of smallholder dairy enhances food and wealth security, but can be a cause of environmental and human health risks. This project aims to empower smallholders to integrate good production practices, efficient resource use, postharvest handling, value addition and adaptive capacity to shocks with more sensitivity to minimize externalities of intensification in Kenya highlands.

Objective: Intensification processes of smallholder dairy as presently promoted in Kenya for economic development is failing to adequately empower smallholders in applying integrated management practices for sustainable and profitable dairying. Consequently, the risks are high for accelerating externalities and for loss of livelihood opportunities from dairying. This project’s overall objective is to apply the principles of research-into-use and knowledge co-creation to empower the ultimate and intermediate target groups with capacity to integrate knowledge, skills and attitude change.

Method: Application of: (i) Good Dairy Management Practices for assuring product safety to consumers; (ii) Efficient resource use for increasing herd productivity and incomes with minimized externalities of intensification; (iii) Better understanding of development interventions supportive to inclusive sustainable dairy intensification for the vulnerable groups; (iv) Strategies for building resilience to climatic and market shocks and buffering feed and market seasonality; and (v) Reduction of postharvest milk losses and increasing value adding to milk.

Country: Kenya.

Dutch policy goals: Increased sustainable agricultural production; Improved access to better nutrition; and More efficient markets.

Duration: January 2016 – January 2019


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