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Strengthening agribusiness Ethics, Quality Standards & ICT usage in Uganda’s value chains? (AGRI-QUEST)

Strengthening agribusiness Ethics, Quality Standards & ICT usage in Uganda's value chains
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Project description

Aim: Despite the benefits enshrined in embracing (i) ethical and (ii) quality issues with respect to accelerating transformation, competitiveness and sustainability of a vibrant food security program (Netherlands Embassy in Uganda MASP 2014- 2017, pg. 8) and a vibrant food game (Lucas Simons, 2014), there is a considerable lack of attention to these two issues in agribusiness value chains in Uganda. This henceforth raises a question: How can we have a better business climate that fosters a permanent or positive gradual change in practice & attitude towards agribusiness ethical behaviour and quality standards in food security initiatives?

Objective: The main objectives of the project are:

  1. Establish alternative ways of encouraging beneficiaries of agricultural development supported initiatives to engage in dialogue about introducing ethical agricultural standards.
  2. Develop and disseminate resources necessary to make informed ethical and quality standard-based decisions in support of a more just and equitable food and agriculture VC system.
  3. Ascertain how decision-making procedures in international food and agriculture policy and practices can be implemented by agricultural players at the bottom of the pyramid.
  4. Assist agricultural VC micro-players to adhere to basic Codes of Conduct.
  5. Review existing agribusiness quality standards, ethical dilemmas, & mobile ICT applications (mobile apps) to determine their appropriateness in sustaining a competitive agribusiness climate.
  6. Develop a website and mobile app which can be used as (1) reference point for agricultural standards and ethical practices; and (2) a “farmer-to-buyer” brokerage and market information access point.

Method: The complex nature of this project AGRI-QUEST can best be addressed with an approach of multi-stakeholder engagement of various agri-business players. So this research project will utilize engagement processes that include capacity building of farmers/value chain players, wide consultations and stakeholder engagement so as to ensure buy-in, uptake of research outcomes plus knowledge exchange. The project employs a “co-creation method” focusing on qualitative research methodologies.

Country: Uganda.

Dutch policy goal: A better business climate.

Duration: January 2016 – January 2019


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