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Agroecological food resources for healthy infant nutrition in Benin (INFLOR)

ARF1.3-7 Agroecological food resources for healthy infant nutrition
Image: via Flickr (by: EC - DG ECHO)

Project description

Aim: To improve nutritional and safety requirements as well as access of communities to locally produced infant foods in Benin that are commercialized on national and regional markets.

Objective: To develop and promote a nutritionally improved, safe and affordable infant food based on local resources through i) comprehensive inventory and documentation of available local food ingredients per agro-ecological zone for the formulation of infant foods; ii) formulation of nutritionally-adequate infant foods from documented and available local resources; iii)assessing consumers’ perception and acceptability of the formulated and tested infant foods; iv)capacity building in producing the formulated products; and v) certification the quality of the optimized and tested products ; vi)dissemination of the project outputs.

Method: Consortium of private for profit company, research institution, and public organizations implementing a multidisciplinary approach, involving the knowledge and skills from the domain of consumers perception and behavior, marketing and economics, food formulation and processing, and human nutrition. The project will be implemented within seven work packages (WP) operating the specific objectives.

Country: Benin.

Dutch policy goal: Improved access to nutrition.

Duration: October 2014 – October 2017


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