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Building on Fertile Ground in Burundi

ARF1.1-1 Building on Fertile Ground
Image: Project research team (by: ZOA)

Project description

Aim: Optimize the dosage of organic and inorganic fertilisers. The best assessed propositions – in terms of improved access to food/income, improved land and labour productivity, sustainability and adaptation to climate change – will be embedded in ZOA’s agricultural programs and in the government rural extension services. Embed innovations in local rural agriculture extension services.

Objective: Contribute to food security of vulnerable smallholder farmer communities.

Method: Identify different areas as identified by local farmers.  Understand traditional methods for assessing soil fertility  Trial fertiliser recommendations as applied in normal local farmer practices. Provide tailored advice on dosage of fertilisers to farmers and extension services.

Country: Burundi.

Dutch policy goal: Increase sustainable food production.

Duration: February 2014 – February 2017


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