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NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development programmes, funds and monitors innovative research on global issues, with a focus on sustainable development and poverty reduction. NWO-WOTROs research projects are realised by interdisciplinary teams of researchers from the North and South and in close collaboration with non-academic stakeholders. These partnerships yield solutions for development challenges and strengthen the bridge between research, policy and practice.


Scaling Climate Smart Agriculture in East Africa

“We need to stretch ourselves and our outcomes, such that our Climate Smart Agriculture research has an  outreach to 7 million farmers, rather than the 350 per project that we are focusing on initially”, commented Bruce Campbell, director of CCAFS. In GCP-4, eight research projects were funded on scaling of Climate Smart Agricultural practices. The call is a first stepping stone towards the Netherlands’ partnership with the CGIAR. »

Understanding better who benefits from Inclusive Business Models for Food and Nutrition Security

“Inclusive Business Models offer opportunities for economic and social development for certain groups, but they are not effective as means to poverty alleviation”. That finding was presented by Guus van Westen (Utrecht University), coordinator of the Follow the Food project. This entails one of the nine research consortia funded within GCP-2, that were all present during their mid-term meeting in Kenya from January 15 till 19. »