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Art in the lab: ‘Colourful’ bacteria in traditional Zambian products

Anneloes Groenenboom is a PhD student in the Laboratory of Genetics, Wageningen University and involved in the NWO Global Challenges Programme (GCP) project called “Zambian traditional fermented foods”.  She has written this Story of change following the GCP training on November 1, 2017, facilitated by Perspectivity. Art in the lab Research with microbes usually does not »

Application open for FoodStars Accelerator

FoodStars is a new alliance to foster innovative start-ups in smart farming in metropolitan areas. The FoodStars Accelerator is designed to accelerate innovative start-ups in a very short time to maximize market opportunity. The Accelerator is now open for applications. »

YEP Effect 3, including YEP Vision 2030

The YEP Programme Bureau has published the third edition of YEP Effect with inspiring stories from Young Experts in Water and Agrofood, their organizations and their working environment and more information on the YEP Vision 2030. »

Podcast “Hope in Kisumu”

The podcast “Hope in Kisumu” is a story from the Women Food Entrepreneurs project in Kenya and Burkina Faso. The project aims to build inclusive business models for food security in the city slums of Kisumu and Ouagadougou. »