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Development of two pilot allotment gardens in two cities of Benin

By Donald Houessou
GCP-3FT Allotment gardens and FS in urban Africa - first pilots

In the framework of the Global Challenges Programme project “Enhancing urban food security through development of allotment gardens in and around the cities of Benin” two allotment pilots in two cities are being developed to assess their impact on food security of urban poor. After a long search, two sites have been found at Calavi and Porto-Novo with the support of local authorities. Then, sites preparation started with weeding, grubbing and fragmenting the land into small plots for beneficiaries.

In the same time, a 10 meters high drilling was carried out on each site with a tank of a capacity of 5,000 liters in order to supply the site with safe water for the gardening activities. Pipes were also installed to bring the water from the drilling to the various plots. In addition, the project provided the necessary equipment (hoe, machete, rake, sprayer, watering can, generator, etc.) to the participants for the start of gardening.

Furthermore, the training of beneficiaries has begun and will continue in the coming months for the success of the development of allotment gardens. Ultimately, the lessons from this experience will be used to replicate urban allotment gardens at a national and international scale.


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